News Flash! Several of the SENTC Counties are in the path of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, which will occur on Monday, August 21. Lots of events are being planned around the Eclipse, and for those of you who have to travel or make reservations, time is running out. Lodging in many communities is fully booked, and some viewing venues are reaching their maximum reservation numbers. Make your plans soon so you won’t miss out on the fun!

For information about the events in Southeast Nebraska communities, visit the August events page at Eclipse information appears at the top of the page and under the pertinent county sections. Check back daily, as we update the list whenever we receive new information.

Here is a list, arranged by the time of total darkness, of the communities that have reported they will hold Eclipse events on August 21:

  • Fairmont 1:00:14pm ~ 2m 36s
  • Geneva 1:00:18pm ~ 2m 34s
  • Ohiowa 1:00:42pm ~ 2m 29s
  • Milligan 1:00:43pm ~ 2m 29s
  • Hebron 1:01:07pm ~ 1m 26s
  • Crete 1:01:36pm ~ 2m 26s
  • Wilber 1:01:36pm ~ 2m 36s
  • Beatrice 1:02:11pm ~ 2m 35s
  • Wymore 1:02:33pm ~ 2m 25s
  • Steinauer 1:03:15pm ~ 2m 37s
  • Pawnee City 1:03:30pm ~ 2m 37s
  • Table Rock 1:03:34pm ~ 2m 37s
  • Humboldt 1:03:53pm ~ 2m 37s
  • Falls City 1:04:40pm ~ 2m 37s

Whether you’ll attend a public or private event or are planning a stay-at-home celebration, don’t forget to buy approved eyewear protection (AKA “eclipse glasses”). Some venues will provide the glasses for you. However, if you want to make sure you have your glasses in advance, visit The site allows you to order small quantities (as few as three), but you need to place your order very soon to ensure delivery.

Looking directly at the sun without the proper eyewear is a sure way to damage your eyes. Even while wearing eclipse glasses, don’t stare at the sun for long periods. The Solar Eclipse may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but you only get one pair of eyes for that lifetime.

Enjoy this unique event this month, but be prepared and stay safe!