Barn quilts are popping up all over Nebraska, and this unique art for is just for barns anymore. Popular quilt designs, along with brand new creations can be seen adorning barns, homes, and businesses.  This page features a collection of barn quilts in Southeast Nebraska that you can drive (or walk) by, and we’ve included links to websites and brochures that offer more information. If you’re looking for family-friendly activities that combine art, scenic beauty, history, and tradition, add barn quilt viewing to your list.

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Below you’ll learn about the barn quilts in our member counties. Links are included where a county features barn quilts on its own tourism website, and a few also offer downloadable tour brochures. If you live in one of the twelve SENTC counties and would like a photo of your barn quilt to be included in the gallery, use our contact form to get in touch and find out how/where to send your photo!

Cass County

The Cass County Barn Quilts page offers a wealth of information, including an overview of the Barn Quilt Project, quilt designs, locations, and a downloadable brochure.

Fillmore County

The Fillmore County Barn Quilts page features information about “Quilt Trails” and an overview of quilt locations by community.

Gage County

The Barn Quilt Trail through Beatrice takes you to the Gage County Fairgrounds, where you can view an impressive collection of barn quilts.

Jefferson County

Barn quilts in Jefferson County include an Ohio Star pattern on the Schmidt farm at 71815 Highway 15 near Fairbury, a colorful display at the Baldwin home at 221 3rd Street in Fairbury, a maple leaf variation on the Niemeier home at 2102 Northridge Drive in Fairbury, a pinwheel pattern variation on the Gentzler home at 1929 H Street in Fairbury, and barn quilts on the Heidemann farm at 56555 Highway 4 near Daykin (featuring one barn quilt in the Night and Day pattern, which was created from quarter-inch steel).

Johnson County

You can see a double-sided barn quilt in downtown Tecumseh on the square at 175 S. 3rd. Coe-Coe Broadcasters has it hanging in the front window; you see one quilt from the street side and another when inside the building.


The Brownville Quilt Project lists a variety of barn quilts patterns displayed in Brownville. They include the Log Cabin quilt at 117 Main, Star of Milky Way and Nine Patch in Outfitters Row on Main St., Monkey Wrench at 212 Main, Ohio Star at 130 S. 3rd, Melody at the corner of 2nd and Atlantic, Chicken at 402 Main, Cross and Crown at 330 S. 4th, Rainbow at 125 S. 4th, Darting Minnows at 64641 731 Rd., Tree of Life at 427 Main, Sunbonnet Sue at 412 Water St., Mexican Stat at the corner of 6th and Main, and an ever-changing pattern at 1030 Main. Start at Outfitters Row and follow the trail west to see them all.

Otoe County

Barn quilts in Otoe County are growing in number. Check out the photos in the gallery.

Pawnee County

At the Pawnee County Fairgrounds at the north edge of Pawnee City are four barn quilts. They’re displayed on four different livestock buildings, and each one includes the name of the quilt design it represents. The patterns included are Corn and Beans, Bullseye, Pig Tails, and Hens and Chicks.

Richardson County

Kathy Niedfeldt created several barn quilts, which are displayed on the north side of her home at 65027 712 Road,Falls City. That side of the house faces Highway 73, which makes them easy to see as you travel the highway.

Rita Seid of Falls City created her first Barn Quilt just in time for a family reunion. It took four men, a scissor lift, and a tractor with a loader to hang the abstract pattern on their barn. Her Star Quilt required only two men in a loader bucket (and, of course, the tractor driver!). She later added a Tumbling Block quilt pattern to the front of her home, which is located two miles north and one mile east of Falls City (65247 709 Rd).

Across from the farm home of Noala Fritz is a barn quilt of great significance and honor. At this address of 64742 712 Road, Verdon, Nebraska, is a quilt honoring her son, Jacob, KIA on January 20, 2007 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is a lasting tribute to a young man who wanted to return home and be part of the family farm.

JoLana Randall, 1010 Wilson Street, Falls City, has a single quilt and with great meaning. The design is all free-hand and recognizes the return of a son from Afghanistan following his military tour in 2010-2011. A yearly clear coat of preservative keeps it bright. Also, it is illuminated in the evenings.

Saline County

Wilber, known for its Czech heritage,  came up with a unique way of displaying barn quilts. Several businesses have attached small barn quilts to planters. During the winter holiday season, small evergreen trees are placed in the planters and serve as the perfect backdrop to the quilt designs.

Sarpy County

More information coming soon!

Thayer County

Several Thayer County residents have displayed barn quilts. Rhonda Burkhart created five at various buildings at her farm, located at 7012 Road S. The patterns include North Wind, Windmill, Flock of Geese, Shooting Star, and Cross Canoe.  Dixie Heinrichs at 2247 Road 5000 near Davenport features an Americana Star Block pattern. Lucille Henry display a Nine Patch quilt pattern at at 408 East 6th. Street in Davenport.

The Verleen Vorderstrasse home, located at 1019 Church Street in Chester, features the pattern Ohio Star, which was created by her daughter Cindy Mesloh. Chester resident Don Wassom created a Double Pinwheel pattern at the junction of Nebraska Highway8 and Thayer Street. He periodically changes his display of patterns.

Donna Meyer displays the Churn Dash pattern at 4948 US Highway 136, west of Deshler.

Charlotte Sell created an unnamed pattern, which is on display at the Trinity Lutheran Parsonage at 132 North Jefferson Street in Bruning.

Jon and Lisa Chapman’s Star Beauty quilt block can be viewed on Nelson Street in Hebron just west of Dollar General. They painted the Pinwheelpattern on their satellite dish.Also in Hebron, on the first floor of the Thayer County Courthouse (near the Cooperative Extension Office)  you can see the barn quilt pattern 4 H.